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David Cowley's Two-Way Trust Horsemanship Clinics are designed to help many equestrians at different stages.  Whether it being, starting colts in a method that teaches them how to learn and enjoy it, building the relationship foundations of a mutual trust or dealing with issues stemming from a disconnect between the horse and rider.  


While many of David's techniques are tangible exercises, some of them are also to help develop the feel and tools needed for a lifetime with horses.

Check back often for exciting new clinic offerings

Horse Training


David's training focuses on the development of the partnership.  We must be both the leader and friend.

We work on trust, respect and technique across all disciplincines of horsemanship. David brings deep, functional expertise, but is also known for his sense of humour and fun approach to work. David loves what he does and is eager to help his clients.

Training spots are very limited and seasonal.

Private Lessons


The goal and purpose of Two-Way Trust Horsemanship lessons is to teach each participant how to better understand and communicate with their horse.  We dive into the finer details of training our horses to develop better control, trust and respect.  "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime"

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