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Road To The Horse 2018
David is hopeful to be selected as a Competitor for 2018


Road To The Horse is the Pinnacle of Horse Starting Competitions.  Only the elite and best colt starters in the World are invited to participate in this prestigious event.  David Cowley is eager and hopeful to become a competitor for 2018.  He is honoured to have the support of two recent champions, Dan James and Jim Anderson.  This would be an amazing opportunity to share David's Two-Way Trust Horsemanship with the world.

Secrets Of The Horse
A Docu-Style Reality TV Show


Currently David and his producer, are in discussions with several show runners and networks about his TV Show, "Secrets Of The Horse".  The pilot episode was filmed in July 2016.  We are currently seeking investors to join us in this world class show.

David Cowley is also involved in a few exciting additional and potential projects.


The Cowboy Up Challenge
The EXCA Event at The Calgary Stampede and Exhibition


An invite only event for the best Extreme Cowboy Racer's in North America.  The Cowboy Up Challenge at The Calgary Stampede is the Premiere EXCA event in the World.  David is honoured and excited to be an invitee and competitor for the past 3 years and this coming July 2017.  After placing 6th in 2014, 2nd in 2015 and 3rd in 2016.  David is an automatic invite for 2017.