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David Cowley developed his own brand of horsemanship through the most organic means, directly from a life with horses.  David grew up on the Rafter Six Ranch Resort in Alberta, where he had the opportunity to be raised alongside a large herd of horses.  This unique childhood allowed David to naturally learn from the horses on an instinctual level as well as connect with people from across the globe.  The combination of this, along with David’s pure love of the horse, is where his horsemanship skills developed.  


The name “Two-Way Trust Horsemanship” came to David at the Top of the Calgary Tower as he described how he prepares his horses to be able to accomplish such a feat. “I know when my horse is ready by instinct, when I trust my horse as much as he trusts me’.  There is no way to practice this and no room for failure.  It takes a different level of understanding, relationship and trust than conventional horsemanship.  


From a very early age, David and his horses embarked on unique and thrilling challenges and adventures which provided a foundation and success with Extreme Cowboy Racing and The Calgary Stampede’s Cowboy Up Challenge.  Although the other competitors may have had more experience competing and showing than David, his partnership and relationship he has with horses are what makes the difference.  Trust, patience, clear understanding and compassion are key elements to his success. 


David began teaching his approach just a few years ago and is inspired to help people and their horses connect and understand each other on deeper level. “I started out doing my public appearances as a way to show people what is possible - to demonstrate an advanced horse & human relationship and encourage or inspire others to grow. If I can help people, then I am helping even more horses”. 

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