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David specializes in the improving the quality of the equestrian relationship. It focuses on the development of mutual respect, communication and trust. In the end, you will have a horse that wants to engage, learn and work. The training regimen that David is now sharing and teaching is the result of countless hours working and growing up with all breeds of horses, personalities and challenges. 


​Now offering David Cowley's Unique Horsemanship in a variety of different clinics. Specializing in his own training style to build the highest level of trust.  Explore his techniques in the following clinic options,

Two-Way Trust Horsemanship, Colt Starting, and Extreme Cowboy Horsemanship.


Welcome to Two-Way Trust Horsemanship

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Taking lessons with David Cowley was the best and easiest decision I could of made for my horse and I. The horsemanship skills and knowledge I have obtained from him in the last year has dramatically influenced how I ride and compete with my horse from here on out. I highly recommend attending his Two-Way Trust clinics and lesson programs. I owe my horses successes to this one in a million horseman. Thank-you David Cowley for being a true gift to the horse world!"

~Lianne Head, OXC competitor, Ontario, Canada

"I am so happy with the change in my mare since starting to work with David. His coaching and training techniques are very easy to understand and apply to your own horse. I highly recommend working with David, to anyone for any discipline."

~Erica Mohr, OXC competitor, Ontario, Canada

"Our 3 yr old quarter horse mare Elsa, was not accepting of the usual training program of young pleasure horses. We had read about David Cowley who was being advertised with his world renown Two Way Trust Horsemanship . We asked David if he would take Elsa on. He agreed and him and Elsa his it off. David introduced a new program that Elsa took a liking to. David has taught Elsa to trust him and confront any obstacles that are put in front of her. As result they have competed in 4 Extreme Cowboy  competitions in the green class and have won all 4. Elsa is now a happy horse willing to do awesome things. Thanks David, looking forward to 2020."

~ JoAnne and Paul Straus, AQHA breeders, Ontario, Canada

"I met David Cowley in 2015 in Australia while he was judging EXCA races and doing some clinics. After doing some one on one lessons with my son, and being impressed with his quiet manner around horses and the way he got things done, his feedback as a judge was very informative and willing to talk about any problems. My son and I have become good friends with him and have traveled to the USA for two EXCA World finals. I was having problems with a horse I was going to compete on, so I asked David and he let me ride his mare in the show with only a short ride on her beforehand. That just blew me away, but that's what sort of guy David is, a very good horseman and just a great guy all round."

~Graham Nowell, Victoria, Australia 


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