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Special Events
Two-Way Trust Clinics

David has been performing and making special appearances with his horses since 1999, for various venues and events.  Ranging from pancake breakfasts, Grandstand perfomances, private functions in hotel ballrooms, lobbies, nightclubs, shopping centers, as well as up elevators in hotels, and the Calgary Tower.  David has been hired to make many media appearances including trips to The John Wayne Airport, in Orange County, California, a tourism party in San Fransico and to perform at Canada's West Marketplace in downtown Vancouver.

This is all accomplished through the strong Bond and Trust that David's unique Training can accomplish.

Two-Way Trust Horsemanship is offered in several clinic options with a focus on developing the relationship of horse and rider.  

The Start- The relationship begins here and is one of the most important moments in a horses life and career.

Two-Way Trust level 1&2- Develop mutual trust in these two day offerings that will give you the understanding and homework necessary to build your relationship.

Extreme Cowboy Racing- Learn how to compete and put your relationship to the test in this exciting sport that is designed to showcase the Trust and technique of the Horse and Rider Team.


David Cowley is now offering his two-way trust horsemanship in training, lessons, clinics and special appearances.  David is well recognized for his unique horsemanship skills in building trust between horse and rider.  His techniques have made him an accomplished competitor in Extreme Cowboy Racing, including competing in The Cowboy Up Challenge at The Calgary Stampede and a top 5 finish at the Worlds in his first year of competition.  David is also the only person to have trained horses to go to the top of the Calgary Tower, doing this feat for 16 consecutive Stampedes and over 40 trips up the elevator, with 6 different horses.


Horse Training
Horsemanship Lessons

David is now offering his unique approach to horsemanship in private and semi private lessons.  In these lessons we cover the process of both developing trust and respect through a process in which we also train the technical aspects required to perform.

Having the right start and training on your horse.  The goal is not just to teach the horse how to perform various manouvers but to build a relationship of trust and respect.  If we can nurture, encourage and teach through patience and persistance, then the sky is the limit.

Horse Training spots are very limited.

“As a quickly expanding Trainer, I look forward sharing the knowledge I have to help both people and horses understand each other better. We look forward to meeting you and your horse and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize the potential! So, let's meet" 


David Cowley, Two-Way Trust Horsemanship